Paint Shakers & Lid Presses

Paint Shakers & Lid Presses

For the most thorough, even mix of your paint, choose from these paint shaker machines. Powered by a motor, they mix paint in tightly closed paint cans. Use one of these accessories to make shaking your paint can easier.

Lid Presses

Get a tight, even seal on your paint cans before shaking in a paint shaker machine, or for storage using these lid presses. These machines make a more reliable, quicker seal on your paint can than using a mallet.

Paint Shaker Bases

For use when mounting a paint shaker, these bases raise your paint shaker to counter height, or provide a stable base for your shaker that absorbs vibration. Choose the base that is compatible with your paint shaker.

Paint Shakers

Vigorously shake paint to help ensure it is thoroughly mixed using a paint shaker. These shakers are powered by a motor to get a complete mix, and can hold a variety of container sizes.