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Strainer Capacity
Paint Strainers

Paint Strainers

Remove dust or dried pigments from your paint, leaving it smooth and fluid with these paint strainers. When used with a spray gun, filtering your paint also helps prevent clogs.

Reusable Strainers

Use these reusable strainers to remove dust and clumps from your paint, then rinse them off for your next painting job. They have an elastic top that fits around your can or bucket for easier pouring.

Cone Strainers

Sit these disposable cone strainers in your paint can or small container for easy pouring and filtering of your paint. They help eliminate dust or dried-up pigment clumps from paints before use.


Choose from different grades and sizes of cheesecloth to fit your paint straining application. Use a higher grade cheesecloth to filter out smaller particles from your paint.