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Paint Strippers & Hardeners

Paint Strippers & Hardeners

Make removing and disposing of paint easier with these paint strippers and hardeners. These solvents dissolve multiple coatings of paint to allow for removal with a paint scraper or putty knife.

For Oil Based Paints

Use these strippers to clean up brushes and rollers after applying oil-based paint. They can also be used to thin out thick paints.

For Latex Paints

Made to remove latex paints from surfaces, use these strippers for quick clean up and to thin out thicker paints.

Heavy Duty for Steel Structures

Remove old coatings of lead-based paint from steel structures such as structural support members and bridges with these heavy duty paint strippers.

Paint Hardeners

Add paint hardeners to leftover paint and stir, turning the paint from a liquid to a solid for safer disposal.