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Paint Thinners

Paint Thinners

Reduce the viscosity of paint to prepare it for use with a sprayer, to help with clean up after a paint job, or to thin out paint that has become too thick using these paint thinners.

For Alkyds & Enamels

These powerful thinners are excellent for use in cleaning up alkyds and enamel paints, and can also be used to lower the viscosity of these coatings for application.

Low-VOC Paint Thinners

Reduce environmental impact and harmful emissions using these low-VOC paint thinners.

Lacquer Thinners

Dissolve tar and shellac, clean paint spots, and thin out sheens with these lacquer thinners.

For Epoxies, Lacquers, & Varnishes

Add these fast drying paint thinners to lacquers, varnishes, and epoxies to thin out the coatings.

For Alkyds & Latex Paints

Commonly used to thin paint for use with a spray gun system, use these thinners with latex paints and alkyds.

For Alkyds & Epoxies

Thin out alkyds and epoxies for easier application and better saturation on porous surfaces.