Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper Installation

Affix wallpaper, ensure flawless seams, and smooth out wrinkles for even application with these tools.


Affix wallpaper to walls with wallpaper adhesive, also known as wallpaper paste. Use with wallpaper that is not pre-pasted.

Brushes for Adhesives

Apply adhesive to small sections of wallpaper with these brushes. The bristles are durable and made of material that isn't affected by the adhesive.

Installation Kits

These kits include the tools you need to install wallpaper and ensure a finished look.

Smoothing Brushes

Create a smooth finish to newly-applied wallpaper by using these brushes to press out bubbles and wrinkles.

Seam Rollers

Flatten and blend wallpaper seams with these rollers. The firm roll material helps set the seam edges so that they don't curl and minimizes their appearance.