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Automotive Hose

Automotive Hose

Select this hose for use on radiator, heater, or coolant lines in automobiles. It is suitable for all types of gasoline engines except for fuel injection engines.

Bulk Hose

Cut this bulk hose to the length you need and attach the fittings of your choice to create a custom hose assembly for your application.




Synthetic Rubber


Standard Hose Assemblies

Ready-to-use hose assemblies come with fittings attached to the ends of the hose.

Rigid x Swivel Connection

Swivel x Swivel Connection

Coiled Hose Assemblies

Shaped like a spring, the coils of these hoses retract when not in use to keep work areas free from clutter and help prevent accidental damage to the hose. Fittings are already installed on the ends of the hose, so you can start using it right away.