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Threaded Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

Threaded Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

Use these carbon steel pipe fittings to connect or modify threaded pipe in systems carrying water, oil, gases, or chemicals. Carbon steel provides good wear resistance and durability in demanding applications where corrosion is not a concern, making it a good choice for use in environments such as industrial and petrochemical facilities, fertilizer and power plants, and chemical refineries.


Combine, change, or divide the flow of materials through pipes with the same diameter using these tee fittings. The middle port is set at a 90° angle to the connections on either end. They have three female threaded ports that accept male threaded pipe ends and fittings.


Unscrew the hex-shaped nut on these union fittings with a standard wrench to install, remove, clean, or maintain pipe sections with less disruption to your system than threaded fittings that require full pipe rotation to remove. They have two female-threaded ends for connection to male-threaded pipe ends and fittings.

Hex-Head Bull Plugs

With a longer head than standard hex plugs, these hex-head bull plugs are more accessible during installation and removal. The plugs can be used to keep out dust and debris, block material flow through the pipe or fitting, or redirect flow in fittings with multiple heads, such as wyes or tees. Use a standard wrench to screw these male-threaded plugs inside the female end of a pipe.