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Chemical-Resistant PFA Compression Tube Fittings

Chemical-Resistant PFA Compression Tube Fittings

High-purity PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) fittings provide excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and corrosive materials. Suitable for harsh environments and clean rooms, use them to connect tubing in lab, pharmaceutical, chemical-processing, and semiconductor applications.

Compression fittings do not require welding, flaring, or any other tube preparation to install, reducing installation time and maintenance costs. They consist of a body, nut, and sleeve (or ferrule). The sleeve compresses against the tubing as the nut is tightened to form a tight seal. For use with hard plastic or metal tubing.


Join tubing running in the same direction with these fittings.


Use these fittings to connect threaded pipe or fittings to tubing in a straight line.

Male Connector

Female Connector

Male Panel-Mount Connector

90° Union Elbows

Connect tubing at a 90° angle with these union elbows. They have tubing connections on both ends.

90° Elbows

Make a sharp 90° change in the direction of your tubing with these 90° elbows. They have a threaded connection on one end and a tubing connection on the other.

Union Tees

Merge two lines or split a single line into two with these union tee fittings. They have tubing connections on all ports.


Stop or direct the flow of material in your tubing system and protect external threads on fitting heads using these caps.


Replace broken or worn nuts on your compression fittings, or swap your current nut out for a different style.


Nut Assembly


These grippers slide over tubing to hold the nut in place on the fitting.


Use ferrules to get a tight seal when installing a fitting onto a length of tubing.