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Fittings for Compressed Air Systems

Fittings for Compressed Air Systems

Connect aluminum tubing in compressed air systems with these push-to-connect fittings. Just push the fitting onto the tubing and twist to secure it in place; no glue, solder, or threading required.

Also known as instant fittings, simply push tubing into these push-to-connect fittings and their gripping ring creates a secure, leak-free connection; no tools required. Press the ring and pull out the tubing for quick disconnection.

Ball Valves

Install a ball valve on your tubing line to control flow through the line. Manually open and close the valve to start or stop flow.

90° Elbows

Change the direction of a run of pipe or tubing sharply in applications where some loss of pressure is not a concern.

45° Elbows

Redirect flow at a 45° angle with these elbows. They restrict flow less than 90° elbows to minimize pressure loss.

Union Tees

Merge two lines or split a single line into two with these union tee fittings. They have tubing connections on all ports.


Choose these adapters to connect tubes with different fitting types or to change the gender of a threaded end.


Connect tubing with different diameters using these reducers.


Branch out a single line into multiple lines with a tube manifold. Commonly used on hot and cold water lines to redirect water to individual fixtures, they have multiple outlets so you can direct your material into multiple tubes.


Attach tubing lines and keep them supported with these brackets.

Quick Assembly Bracket

Reducing Bracket

Simple Reducing Bracket

Threaded Drop Bracket

Two Port Wall Bracket

Union Connector

Wall Bracket