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Garden Hose & Sprinkler Fittings

Garden Hose & Sprinkler Fittings

Choose from a range of garden hose and sprinkler system fittings and adapters to help make sure your grounds are getting the water they need.

Pistol-Grip Sprayers

Squeeze the trigger to spray water from these nozzles, and release the trigger to stop the flow of water. They attach to the end of your hose, and the handle is held like a pistol for a comfortable grip.

SingleSpray Setting


Use these nozzles to direct the stream of water to where it's needed. They attach to the end of your hose.

Single Spray Setting


Attach a wand to your hose to extend its reach so you can direct the stream of water where you want it to go.


Choose these adapters to connect hoses and fixtures with different thread types or to change the gender of a threaded end.



Swivel Adapters

These swivel adapters turn as the hose is moved to prevent the hose from kinking or becoming obstructed.


Join two lengths of hose or repair a damaged hose with these connectors.


Also known as Y fittings, wye fittings join two hose lines into a single line or branch a single line into multiple lines.



Quickly connect or disconnect two hoses in your system using a union fitting. Instead of screwing directly into another hose, union fittings have a connector nut that allows you to remove a hose from your system without having to turn the entire length of the hose.


Fasten two threaded connectors with these nuts.


Cover the ends of your hoses with these caps to terminate your hose system and protect threads from damage.