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Hose & Tube Clamps

Hose & Tube Clamps

Secure hose and tubing onto fittings with these clamps to form a tight seal.

Worm-Gear Clamps

Also known as worm drive clamps, worm gear clamps are the most popular style of hose clamp. Insert the loose end of the band into the housing and turn a screw on the housing to pull the band through and tighten the clamp. To release the clamp, turn the screw in the other direction.

Combo Hex

200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing


200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Interlocked Fuel Injection Hose Clamp

Galvanized Steel Hosing


200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing

Marine Grade

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Micro Gear

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Snaplock Quick Release Worm Drive

Stainless Steel Hosing

200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing

Spring Clamps

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Spring Clamps Flex Gear

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Surelock Quick Release

200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing


300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing


200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing

300/301 Stainless Steel Hosing

Worm Gear

Stainless Steel Hosing

Plated Carbon Steel Hosing

200/201 Stainless Steel Hosing

Band Clamps & Ties

Wrap these band clamps and ties around hose or tubing and pull the end through a compatible buckle to tighten it.

Band Clamp

Center-Punch Band Clamp

Preformed Band Clamp

Smooth-ID Band Clamp


Band Clamp Buckles & Brackets

Feed the loose ends of band clamps through these buckles and brackets to secure them in place.

200/201 Stainless Steel

300/301 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Galvanized Carbon Steel

Wire Clamps

Sometimes called spring clamps, wire clamps use spring tension to secure the clamp around the hose. Ideal for use in small spaces.

Carbon Steel


Bolt Clamps

Turn the bolt on the clamp to tighten or loosen its grip. For use with plastic or rubber hose.

Double-Bond Clamps

The arms of these clamps wrap around the hose and lock together for a secure grip.

Black Nylon

Natural Nylon

Ear Clamps

Slip these ear clamps onto a hose or tube and crimp them to secure them in place.

Stainless Steel

Zinc-Plated Steel

Black Oxide Copper

Quick-Release Latch Clamps

Wrap these latch clamps around a hose and press the clamp's lever to tighten the clamp. To loosen the clamp, simply flip the lever up.

Shrink Clamps

Install these shrink-to-fit clamps on hoses and then heat the clamp so it compresses for a snug fit around the hose.

Clamp Sets & Kits

Sets and kits contain multiple sizes of one style of clamp or multiple clamps in a range of styles and sizes.