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Low-Lead Brass 45° Flare Tube Fittings

Low-Lead Brass 45° Flare Tube Fittings

Connect potable (for human consumption, including drinking and cooking) water lines with these corrosion-resistant, low-lead brass fittings. 45° flare fittings are commonly used in refrigeration systems and can tolerate lower pressures than 37° flare fittings.

Flare fittings have a body, nut, and sleeve (ferrule). The nut and sleeve are inserted onto the tubing, the end of the tubing is flared, and the nut is tightened onto the fitting to secure it in place. They resist pulling out if there is vibration in the line and can be installed and removed repeatedly.


Join tubing running in the same direction with these fittings.


Extend the life of your tubing, ease installation, and reduce risk of bends or kinks with swivel fittings. They turn as the tubing is moved, decreasing the amount of stress on the tubing.


Use these fittings to connect female-threaded pipe to tubing in a straight line.

Male Flare x Male NPT

Male Flare x Male NPTF

90° Elbows

Make a sharp 90° change in the direction of your tubing with these 90° elbows. They have a threaded connection on one end and a tubing connection on the other.

Male Flared x Male NPT

Male Flared x Male NPTF


Stop or direct the flow of material in your tubing system and protect external threads on fitting heads using these caps.


Insert these plugs into fittings or tube ends to close them off and seal out dirt and contaminants.


Secure fittings to tubing with these nuts.

Forged Nut

Short Nut