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Metal Tubing

Metal Tubing

Durable metal tubing provides good strength in a range of applications. Sizing for tubing is determined by inside diameter, outside diameter, and wall thickness.


Made from durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, this non-magnetic tubing can be bent or welded.

3003-H14 Aluminum — Seamless

5052-0 Aluminum — Seamless

6061-T6 Aluminum — Seamless


Corrosion-resistant brass tubing is a good choice for plumbing applications and mildly corrosive environments.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel provides good wear resistance in demanding applications where corrosion is not a concern.

Nickel Chromium

This non-magnetic and wear-resistant tubing can withstand high temperatures, provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, and is weldable. It is often used in chemical and food processing, steam generation, and electronic component applications.

600 Aluminum

Stainless Steel

Tubing made from stainless steel has a naturally corrosion-resistant surface that protects the material from environmental contaminants, even if scratched. It is commonly used to carry air, water, natural gas, and steam.

Type 304 Stainless Steel — Welded

Type 304 Stainless Steel — Seamless

Type 316 Stainless Steel — Welded

Type 316 Stainless Steel — Seamless