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PFA Pipe Fittings

PFA Pipe Fittings

High-purity PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) fittings provide excellent resistance to high-temperatures and most chemicals and solvents. Use them to connect pipes in harsh environments, clean rooms, and chemical-processing applications.

90° Elbows

Change the direction of flow in a piping system using these 90° elbows. They are ideal for applications when some pressure loss is acceptable.

NPT X NPT Connections

Equal Tees

Combine, divide, or change the flow of materials through pipes with the same diameter using these equal tee fittings.

NPT Connections


Use these bushings to connect pipes with different diameters. They typically have internal and external threads and are smaller than a coupling or union.

NPT X NPT Connections


Join pipes of the same diameter with these couplings to extend your pipe run.

NPT X NPT Connections


Install one of these plugs into a pipe end or fitting to block material flow through the pipe or fitting or to redirect flow in fittings with multiple heads, such as wyes or tees.