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Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

Featuring good impact resistance at low temperatures and excellent chemical resistance, these polyethylene pipe fittings are ideal for connecting pipes in a range of applications, including bulk water distribution, chemical processing, and industrial water treatment facilities.

90° Elbows

In applications where some loss of flow pressure is not a concern, use 90° elbow fittings to make a sharp change in the direction of flow in your system.

45° Elbows

These 45° elbows change the direction of flow in your system. They restrict pipe flow less than elbows with a greater degree of bend.

Reducing Tees

Choose reducing tees to combine, divide, or direct the flow of material through pipe sections with different diameters. They typically have two ports of the same size and a third port of a different size.


Also known as Y fittings, these wye fittings join two pipe lines into a single line or branch a single line into multiple lines.


Stop or direct the flow of material in your piping system and protect external threads on pipe ends and fitting heads using these caps.


Install flanges on the ends of your pipe and bolt two flanges together to form a tight seal between pipe sections. Flanges allow easy access to the connecting bolts for quick assembly and disassembly.