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Ultra Seal Push-to-Connect Fittings

Ultra Seal Push-to-Connect Fittings

An additional seal on these push-to-connect fittings resists common lubricants and helps ensure a leak-tight seal.

Also known as instant fittings, simply push tubing into these push-to-connect fittings and their gripping ring creates a secure, leak-free connection; no tools required. Press the ring and pull out the tubing for quick disconnection.


Join tubing running in the same direction with these fittings.

Plug-In Reducer

Straight Union


Use these fittings to connect threaded pipe or fittings to tubing in a straight line.

90° Elbows

Make a sharp 90° change in the direction of your tubing with these 90° elbows. They have a threaded connection on one end and a tubing connection on the other.

90° Swivel Elbows

Alter the path of pipe or tubing by 90° and reduce strain on your connections with these fittings. They swivel to allow installation flexibility and to keep tubing from twisting, kinking, or tangling.

Swivel Tees

Combine two lines or split one line into two while reducing strain on tubing with these fittings, which have two tubing connectors that branch at a 90° angle to a threaded connector. They swivel as the tubing is moved to ease installation and prevent tubing from twisting, kinking, or tangling.