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Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Hose

Connect this hose to vacuum equipment to suck up liquids, fumes, dust, and dry materials such as chips, pellets, and shavings. The smaller the bend radius, the more flexible the hose is.

General Purpose Hose

Remove fumes, dust, liquids, and dry materials such as chips, pellets, and shavings from surfaces or the air with this general-purpose hose. It offers drag and crush resistance, making it a good choice for light-duty industrial environments. This flexible hose also resists kinking for easy handling.

PVC — Clear & Black

Self-Locking Hose

Made from interlocking sections, this flexible hose is self-supporting.

PVC — Gray

Static-Dissipative Hose for Powders

Choose static dissipative hose to prevent buildup of static electricity in the line and help reduce risk of accidental shock or ignition of materials in the hose. Made of FDA-compliant materials, it is suitable for use in food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Polyurethane — Clear & White

Abrasion- & Crush-Resistant Hose for Fumes & Dust

A vinyl-coated wear strip on the outside of the hose protects it from abrasion when dragged.

TPE — Black & Gray

Light Duty Abrasion-Resistant Hose for Fumes

Use this abrasion-resistant, smooth-bore hose for fume removal in areas needing ventilation, such as woodworking shops and plastics processing plants. Highly flexible, the hose resists kinking for easy handling even when tight bends are required.

PVC — Clear & Black

Hose for Bilge

Vacuum up liquid or solid waste materials with this high-strength, fiber-reinforced hose for bilge. Use this versatile hose in a variety of applications, such as with a bilge pump or industrial vacuum cleaner as well as with ventilating or cooling machinery. It has a smooth bore and is flexible for easy handling.

PVC — Gray

Hose for Grass & Leaves

Use this reinforced, smooth-bore hose for lawn and leaf debris collection and other heavy duty grounds maintenance jobs. The hose offers excellent abrasion and drag resistance and is lightweight so it can easily be moved from job to job. It is made of clear material so you can quickly identify blockages.

Polyurethane — Clear & Yellow

Abrasion-Resistant Hose for Dust & Chips

Tough and durable, this reinforced, smooth-bore hose features excellent abrasion and crush resistance and is made for heavy-duty dust and chip collection. This hose is ideal for shop dust collection, woodworking areas, and plastics processing material handling.

TPE — Black

Low-Temperature Abrasion- & Puncture-Resistant Hose for Dust & Chips

Able to maintain flexibility in extremely low temperatures, use this abrasion- and puncture-resistant hose in the harshest environments for your vacuum applications. This hose is reinforced to handle heavy-duty dust and chip collection, has a smooth bore and is commonly use in plastics processing and pellet transfer.

Polyurethane — Clear

Insulation-Blowing Hose

Create efficient air flow to aerate insulation material for good coverage and density with this specially designed insulation-blowing hose. This reinforced hose is crush and drag resistant, making it a good choice for most light-duty commercial jobs. The hose is clear for easy monitoring of insulation flow.

Polyethylene — Clear