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Direct-Connect Filter Cartridges

Direct-Connect Filter Cartridges

These quick-change filters have a bypass valve and can be removed from a compatible filtration system without shutting off the water supply. They can be installed and removed without tools.

The filter rating, expressed in microns, indicates the smallest particle a filter can capture. The smaller the filter rating, the finer the particles the filter can capture. For example, lead dust is about 2 microns, hair is about 50 microns, and sand ranges from roughly 100 to 1,000 microns.

Commercial-Duty Cold Water Filters

Filter cold water for a variety of commercial or municipal applications with these cartridges.

Drinking Water Filters

Use these cartridges to filter drinking water. Suitable for under-the-sink filter systems.

11000 micron rating

12 micron rating

1 micron rating

5 micron rating

50 micron rating

Cold Water Filters for Food Service

Filter cold water for your food service equipment to remove contaminants or chemicals that can impart unwanted tastes or odors.

15 micron rating

12 micron rating

1 micron rating

3 micron rating

5 micron rating

Hot Water Filters for Food Service

Purify hot water dispensed from food service equipment using these filter cartridges.

Heavy Dirt Filters for Cold Water

Filter cold water that has a high amount of sediment, such as well water, with these heavy dirt filter cartridges.

Point-of-Entry & Whole Building Filters

These filter cartridges are installed at the point-of-entry for a building's water lines to filter water for the entire building.