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Electronic Faucet Parts & Accessories

Electronic Faucet Parts & Accessories

Use these parts and accessories to set up or maintain electronic faucets.

Batteries & Holders

Replace old or damaged batteries and battery holders with these products.

Circuit Boards

Use these circuit boards to replace broken or faulty circuit boards on your faucet sensors.

Control Boards

Control Boxes

Control boxes, also called control modules, start and stop the flow of water when the faucet's sensor is triggered.

Faucet Sensors & Assemblies

When you move your hands in front of the sensor, it sends a signal to the faucet's control box to trigger the water flow.


Sensor Housing

Faucet & Sensor Assembly

Spout Assembly (with Spout, Aerator & Sensor)

Remote Programming Controls

Connect these remote controls to your electronic faucets to program them.

Programming Units


Make sure your electronic faucets are getting the power they need with these transformers, which take the input voltage from the power supply and convert it to the correct voltage for your faucet.

Plug-In Transformers