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Faucet Body & Spout Parts

Faucet Body & Spout Parts

Find spouts and other parts for repairing existing faucets.

Sink Spouts

Change a broken spout on your sink faucet or upgrade your current spout to suit your needs.


High Arc

L Type

S Type

Swing Spout


Vacuum Breaker Spouts

Help prevent contamination of your potable water supply with these spouts. They have a vacuum breaker disc that's pressed forward by water pressure when the faucet is turned on, which prevents water from getting back into a faucet once it's come out.

Bathtub Spouts

Replace worn, cracked, or corroded spouts on bathtub faucets with these items.

Risers for Pre-Rinse Faucets

Extend the height of your pre-rinse faucets with these risers.