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Faucet Outlets & Aerators

Faucet Outlets & Aerators

Add aerators to your faucets to conserve water, reduce splashing and noise, and give the water stream a more pleasant look and feel.


These items add air to a faucet's water stream to even out the shape and pressure of the stream while reducing water usage and splashing.

Aerated Flow Outlet

Laminar Flow Outlet

Spray Flow Outlet

Aerator Swivel Spray Heads

Wash hands more easily with aerator spray heads, which spread the water stream over a larger area than standard aerator heads. The swiveling head can pivot to direct the stream where it's needed.

Aerator Adapters

Use these adaptors to install aerators on faucets that do not have an aerator outlet.

Aerator Wrenches

Remove and install aerators with these wrenches, which are shaped to grip aerators without damaging them.