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Faucet Sprayers & Sprayer Parts

Faucet Sprayers & Sprayer Parts

Add a sprayer head to a sink or maintain and repair existing sprayers using these parts.

Pre-Rinse Sprayers

Find parts for installing pre-rinse sprayers on large kitchen sinks so you can rinse racks of glassware and dishes before they're washed and sterilized in a dishwasher. They're also handy for washing large items such as pots.


Add-On Faucet

Sprayers with Hose

Install a sprayer on your sink faucet to help improve efficiency in washing and cleanup tasks.

Sprayer with Extended Hoses

Get more reach with these sprayers, which have a long hose on a reel. Just pull the hose out to the desired length and the reel locks in place. Give the hose a tug to retract it onto the reel.

Swivel Hose Adapters

Attach sprayer hoses to your faucets with these swivel adapters, which turn as the hose is moved to keep the hose from kinking and bending.

Riser Springs for Pre-Rinse Sprayers

Install a riser spring on your pre-rinse faucets to keep the spray head from hanging too low.