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Faucet Valves & Valve Parts

Faucet Valves & Valve Parts

Control the pressure and temperature of the water flowing from your faucets with these faucet valves and related parts.

Stop Check Valves

Also known as check stop valves, these valves can be opened or closed to start or stop the flow of water through the valve. When open, the valve automatically closes when water pressure drops to prevent water from backflowing into the system.

Cold & Hot Faucet Cartridge Valves

Replace old or broken faucet cartridge valves to fix leaky faucets.


Ceramic Disc




Cold & Hot Faucet Stem Valves

Use these cold and hot faucet stem valves to replace broken or worn stem valves on your faucets, which can cause leaks.

Cold Stem

Cold Stem and Bonnet

Hot Stem

Hot Stem and Bonnet

Hot and Cold Stem

Diverter Valves

Allow water to be diverted from the faucet to a spray head or other attachment with these diverter valves.

Foot Pedals & Pedal Valves

Install foot pedals and pedal valves on your faucets for hands-free operation.

Pressure Balance Valves

Prevent large, or even dangerous, fluctuations in water temperature with these pressure balance valves, also called balance pressure valves. If the pressure of the hot or cold water stream drops, the valve adjusts the pressure of the other water stream to maintain the desired temperature of the water.

Faucet Valve Seats & Parts

Fix leaky faucets by replacing worn or corroded faucet valve seats.

Spindle Valves

Connect a faucet handle to a valve seat with these spindle valves.

Bathtub & Shower Valve Parts

Use these parts to fix broken bathtub and shower valves.

Vacuum Breaker Valves & Parts

These valves have a disc that's pressed forward by water pressure, which prevents water from getting back into a faucet once it's come out.

Valves & Upgrade Kits

Refurbish compatible faucet valves with the items in these kits.