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Filter Cartridge Housings

Filter Cartridge Housings

Insert compatible filter cartridges into these housings and connect them to your water filtration system to help remove unwanted particles from water and liquids.

Lightweight Plastic

Ideal for applications where weight is a concern, these filter housings are constructed of lightweight plastics.

Rust Resistant

These filter cartridge housings resist rusting in damp or wet environments.

Corrosion Resistant

Made of corrosion-resistant materials, these filter housings are a good choice for filtering applications where corrosive materials might be encountered, such as acidic water or water with soaps, cleaners, or petroleum-based products.

Economical Nylon

An economical alternative to metal housings, durable nylon housings can withstand higher temperatures than standard plastic housings.

High Flow

Connect these filter housings to filtration systems on high-volume water lines in commercial and residential facilities.

High Performance

Use these filter housings in industrial, commercial, and scientific filtering applications with high flow rates, high temperatures, and high pressures. The electro-polished mirror finish provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Fuel Filtering

Choose these filter housings for applications where you're removing particulates such as dirt, sand, and rust from gasoline and diesel fuel.

Point-of-Entry & Whole Building

Install these housings at the point-of-entry for a building's water lines to filter water for the entire building.

Sediment Removal

Extend the life of your appliances by filtering out sediment before it reaches your appliances.