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Filtration System Accessories

Filtration System Accessories

Install, maintain, or improve the performance of your filtration equipment with these accessories.

Cartridge Couplers

Connect multiple cartridges using these couplers to filter for a variety of substances.

Housing Gasket Sets

Regularly replace the gaskets, also called O-rings, on your filtration system to prevent leaks.

Housing Wrenches

Loosen water filter housings with these specialized wrenches, also called filter wrenches, to maintain or replace your filter system.

Mounting Brackets & Kits

Stabilize your filtration systems and secure them to surfaces with these mounting brackets and mounting kits.

Rust & Scale Prevention Products

Add these products to your water supply to form a protective coating on metal and plastic pipes and fixtures that helps prevent rust stains, limescale, pipe corrosion, and copper leaching.

Swivel Fittings

Alleviate stress on hoses in your filtering system with these swivel fittings, which rotate, or swivel, to reduce bends and kinks in the line.