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Floor Drains & Bell Traps

Floor Drains & Bell Traps

Use floor drains to quickly drain away overflowed water or spills before they damage your floors, and choose bell trap drains to prevent sewer gas from entering the building through drain pipes.

General Purpose Floor Drains

Suitable for a wide range of installations.



Bell Trap Drains

These drains have a bell-shaped well that traps sewer gas in your drain pipes before it can enter your facility.

Light Duty Commercial Floor Drains

Use these durable floor drains in high-traffic areas.

Floor Drain Bodies

Replace old or damaged drain bodies on existing drains, or pair one of these bodies with a grate to create a floor drain that suits your needs.

Drain Grates

Mount grates over your floor drains to help stop objects from washing down drains, where they can cause clogs or damage your plumbing.


Full Floor Drain Grate

Drain Strainer

Flat Waste Strainer

Tite Strainer


Full Floor Drain Grate

Half Floor Drain Grate

Three Quarter Floor Drain Grate


Full Floor Drain Grate

Funnel Drain Assemblies

Attach these funnels to floor drains to channel drips or condensate from above-floor drain lines into the drain.

Floor Sinks

Install these drains underneath commercial sinks and equipment to catch and drain runoff and waste water before they create a slipping hazard and to capture solids before they go down the drain.

Sediment Buckets

Get more protection against clogs with these sediment buckets. They install underneath the drain grate of compatible floor drains to catch smaller sediment that passes through. To maintain flow through the drain, the bucket must be removed, cleaned, and replaced regularly.



Trap Seals

Avoid maintaining water seals in drains that aren't used frequently. Trap seals install in floor drains to keep sewer gases from entering your facility through a drain, even if the water seal in the drain trap evaporates.