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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

Pulverize food scraps with these garbage disposals so the food can be washed down a sink drain without causing clogs.

Garbage Disposals

Quickly dispose of food waste without leaving it to rot in trash bins using these garbage disposals. They install in a sink drain.

12 hp

13 hp

34 hp

1 hp

2 hp

3 hp

5 hp


Connect garbage disposals to sink drains and drain pipes using these parts.


Replace worn or old gaskets in your garbage disposal to help ensure a leakproof seal.

Mounting Hardware

Mount your garbage disposal to your sink drain opening with these parts.

Splash Guards

Cover sink drains with these rubber splash guards to muffle garbage disposal noise and stop food waste from splashing back into the sink. Also known as baffles.


Place these rubber stoppers over garbage disposal openings when not in use to keep fingers and objects from accidentally entering the disposal.

Air-Activated Switches

Turn garbage disposals on or off with these air-activated switches. They mount to a countertop or sink and can be used as a decorative alternative to wall switches.