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Inline Filters

Inline Filters

Connect inline filters to water supply lines feeding ice makers, water coolers, and other equipment to remove dirt, rust, chlorine, and other contaminants before they cause damage or affect the taste or odor of food and beverages.

For Point of Use

Install these filters on water lines that are feeding reverse osmosis filtering systems, under-sink icemakers, and other equipment to remove contaminants from the water supply.

5 micron rating

6 micron rating

20 micron rating

For Refrigerators & Ice Makers

Connect these filters to supply lines for ice makers or refrigerators to remove contaminants from the water supply.

1 micron rating

5 micron rating

10 micron rating

For Coffee Brewers

These compact filters install discretely behind coffee makers, espresso machines, and similar equipment to filter the water supply for the equipment.

For Water Coolers

Filter the water supply for your water coolers to keep them dispensing fresh drinking water. For cold water only.