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Shower Heads & Hoses

Shower Heads & Hoses

Update your shower heads and replace worn hoses on spray heads with these parts.

Handheld Shower Heads

Remove these handheld shower heads from their mounting bracket to direct the water spray where you want it. Place the shower head back in the mounting bracket for hands-free use.

Standard Shower Heads

Attach these compact shower heads to a water inlet to disperse the water stream for your shower.

Shower Heads with Concentrated Flow

These shower heads provide a forceful, concentrated stream of water. They attach to a water inlet.

Shower Heads with Adjustable Stream

You can change the water pattern on these shower heads from a concentrated stream to a wide spray. They attach to a water inlet.

Water-Conserving Shower Heads

Help prevent water waste with these heads, which are designed to use less water than other types of shower heads.

Shower Head Hoses

Find hoses for connecting a handheld shower head to the water inlet.