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Y-Strainers & V-Strainers

Y-Strainers & V-Strainers

Remove grit and solids from your water lines with these Y-strainers and V-strainers. They trap large particles such as rust, limescale, and metal shavings that can damage pipes, pumps, meters, control valves, regulators, and other equipment. The solids are isolated into one branch of the strainer, which has a screen that can be removed and cleaned out while the strainer is still attached.


These Y-shaped strainers help prevent backflow.

111000 mesh rating

2125 mesh rating

631000 mesh rating

20 mesh rating

50 mesh rating

80 micron rating

297 micron rating

840 micron rating


The shape of these V-strainers slows down water flow, providing a higher working pressure than Y-strainers. They are commonly used on beverage dispensers, ice cube machines, dental equipment, and instrument control systems.