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Air-Powered Band File Sanders

Air-Powered Band File Sanders

A narrow, abrasive band on these handheld band file sanders provides good control for detail and finishing work in corners, slots, and other hard-to-reach areas. With a higher power-to-weight ratio than corded tools, air-powered sanders have a smaller form, do not produce electric sparks, and are easier to maintain. Also known as narrow-belt sanders, these portable tools are suitable for applications such as fitting doors, removing flash from door locks, sanding crevices on stair rails, and adding detail to furniture.

For Large Surfaces

Suitable for sanding large surfaces, these handheld band file sanders have large, flat sanding belts, which speeds processing of large surfaces and helps ensure that the finished surface stays flat.

Single Speed

For Small Surfaces

These handheld band file sanders are generally lighter and more compact than belt sanders with a larger belt. The compact size and lighter weight makes these tools suitable for finishing applications and working with small work surfaces.

Single Speed

Variable Speed