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Air-Powered Buffers & Polishers

Air-Powered Buffers & Polishers

Ideal for final finishing and buffing tasks in automotive and marine applications, these air-powered (pneumatic) buffers and polishers use waxing and buffing compounds of various grits in combination with buffing wheels and other attachments to improve the surface finish on materials such as plastic, glass, stone, and metal. Pneumatic tools require an air compressor to operate. Because they have fewer moving parts than corded tools, air-powered tools typically last longer. They also tend to be lighter than corded tools, which can help reduce fatigue when using the tool for long periods of time.

For Horizontal Surfaces

The right-angle nose on these air-powered buffers and polishers have an arbor that is oriented 90° to the tool drive train, making them ideal for use on horizontal surfaces such as flat sheet metal, granite and marble countertops, and automobile hoods and roofs.

For Vertical Surfaces

With an arbor that runs the length of the tool, these pneumatic buffers and polishers are ideal for polishing vertical and contoured surfaces such as cabinet sides and automobile doors and fenders.