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Air-Powered Hammers

Air-Powered Hammers

Pneumatic tools provide high, consistent power output. Powered by air compressors rather than electricity, these tools are lighter and reduce operator fatigue when used for long periods of time. Air-powered (or pneumatic) hammers include air chipping hammers and chiseling hammers. Chipping and chiseling hammers use chisel attachments for cutting metal and stone or removing rusted or frozen parts.

General Purpose: Chiseling Hammers

Powerful enough for everyday jobs, these air-powered chiseling hammers are generally lighter and more compact than air-powered chipping hammers, making them well suited for working on vertical and overhead surfaces.

Pistol Grip

Single Speed

Variable Speed

Heavy Duty: Chipping Hammers

These air-powered chipping hammers are larger and heavier than air-powered chiseling hammers and provide more force and stronger blows for demanding applications.

Curved Grip

Single Speed

D-Handle Grip

Single Speed

Bit Retainers for Chiseling Hammers

Also known as bit retainers or hammer retainers, chisel retainers secure flat chisels and other attachments onto compatible air hammers.

Ball Type

Spring Type

Solid Type