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Air-Powered Nail Guns

Air-Powered Nail Guns

Suitable for driving nails into a range of materials in high-volume applications, these air-powered (pneumatic) nail guns are powered by an air compressor. Because air-powered tools have fewer moving parts, they tend to run cooler and last longer than comparable corded and cordless tools, making them popular in the construction, manufacturing, and industrial maintenance industries. Air-powered tools are also typically lighter than corded or cordless tools, helping to reduce operator fatigue when used for long periods of time.

Framing Nailer

Secure wooden sheathing, subflooring, and framing and perform other construction tasks using these framing nailers. Framing nailers use larger nails and provide more fastening power than brad and finish nailers.

For Offset Round Head Stick Collated Framing Nails

For Round Head Stick Collated Framing Nails

For Round Head Coil Collated Framing Nails

Finish Nailers

Use these finish nailers for a variety of construction and carpentry work, including securing crown molding, window trim, and paneling. Finish nailers usually use 16 or 14 gauge nails, providing more holder power than brad nailers and less holding power than framing nailers. Because they use larger nails, finish nailers require additional work to cover holes and are more likely to split material than brad nailers.

For 15 ga Stick Collated Finish Nails

For 16 ga Stick Collated Finish Nails

Brad & Pin Nailers

Drive small-diameter 18-gauge fine brad nails using these brad and pin nailers. The small-diameter fasteners have less holding power than other types of nails and pose a lower risk of splitting the material. They leave a small hole that usually doesn't require filling or covering. They are used for fine finishing and light duty applications such as tacking upholstery and securing small trim.

For Brad Nails — 18 ga Stick Collated

For Pin Nails — 23 ga Stick Collated

Palm Grip Nailers

Hold these air-powered palm-grip nailers, sometimes called impact nailers, with the palm of your hand. These compact and lightweight tools can be operated with one hand and are used for fastening applications in recessed or hard-to-reach areas. Nails are loaded into the gun individually using the magnetic collet.

For Bulk Nails

Roofing Nailers

Secure roofing shingles using these durable roofing nailers. These tools use short nails with a wide-diameter head, providing a high holding power, and the nails are delivered using a coil system. An adjustable depth guide ensures nails are driven to the correct depth, and an ergonomic grip helps reduce operator fatigue when holding the tool for long periods of time.

For 15° Coil Collated Roofing Nails

Siding Nailers

Lightweight construction, adjustable depth guides, and a repositionable exhaust make these siding nailers a good choice for construction tasks like securing siding and trim.

For 15° Coil Collated Siding Nails

For Straight Coil Collated Siding Nails

Concrete Nailers

Attach wooden furring strips or metal drywall track to concrete using these air-powered concrete nailers. Their high-capacity magazines require fewer reloads, providing increased productivity and efficiency.

For Straight Stick Collated T Nails

Metal-Connector Nailers

Accurately drive nails into metal framing using these metal-connector nailers. They hold the nail with the tip exposed to help ensure accurate nail placement.

For 35° Stick Collated Framing Nails