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Air-Powered Orbital Sanders

Air-Powered Orbital Sanders

Get a smooth finish on your workpiece with these handheld orbital sanders. Sometimes called finishing sanders, they use rotating abrasive pads to create a uniform surface finish. With a higher power-to-weight ratio than corded tools, air-powered sanders have a smaller form, do not produce electric sparks, and are easier to maintain. These lightweight and compact tools are often used for finishing large and small surfaces, sanding in corners, and removing marks left by other sanders.

For Large Surfaces

Sand large areas quickly with these handheld orbital sanders. They have large, round pads and are a good choice for working on flat surfaces.

Single Speed

For Finishing & Corners

Rectangular and triangular sanding surfaces on these tools make them suitable for finish sanding and working in corners. Sometimes called quarter-sheet sanders, rectangular sanders provide a smooth surface when worked slowly in the same direction as the grain. Sanders with triangular heads are ideal for finishing corners.

Single Speed

With Random Orbit Motion

Random orbit sanders constantly vary the movement of the abrasive sanding pad, making these tools less likely to produce swirl marks than sanders that use a consistent, predictable motion.

Single Speed

Variable Speed

With Quick Accessory Change

These sanders provide tool-free accessory and sanding pad change.

Single Speed