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Air-Powered Straight Grinders

Air-Powered Straight Grinders

Also known as die grinders, these grinders are used in heavy-duty applications to remove rust, paint, and other materials from metal, plastic, and wood. With a higher power-to-weight ratio than corded tools, air-powered grinders have a smaller form, do not produce electric sparks, and are easier to maintain. Straight grinders are typically used to perform precise functions in smaller areas to finish flat, contoured, or multidimensional parts and surfaces with hard-to-reach crevices.

For Making Cut-Offs

Also known as cut-off grinders, these straight handheld grinders are used to cut pipe and other metal workpieces, including tail pipes, bolts, sheet metal, and more. Cut-off grinders use specialized grinding wheels to perform cuts in metal workpieces. These tools include a grinding guard to help protect the user from debris if the grinding wheel is damaged or shatters during use.

For up to 3 in Wheels

For Burs & Points

Straight grinders for burs and points, sometimes called die grinders or rotary tools, use interchangeable bits and points to perform detailed grinding, engraving, and shaping operations. They can be used to finish metal workpieces or remove material such as paint and rust from a metal surface.

For Tight Spaces

Maneuver more easily in tight spaces with these lightweight and compact handheld straight grinders. They have a shorter handle and tool body than standard straight grinders, enabling them to reach recessed and compact spaces.

For High Precision

Use these handheld pencil-grip grinders to debur, smooth, and finish metal workpieces. They provide good access and precise control in recessed spaces. The reduced tool size and pencil grip allows you to maneuver the tool to see your workpiece in detailed finishing tasks.