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Bolt & Cable Cutters

Bolt & Cable Cutters

Take these cordless cutters with you when you need to sever bolts, cables, or wires. These battery-operated tools have blades that open and close around an object to cut it, and they are typically compact enough to maneuver in tight spaces. Cordless tools can be used away from AC power sources, providing more portability than corded tools, and they don't have cords to tangle or trip over. Battery chemistry, voltage (power), capacity (amp hours), and recharge time impact the run time and down time for the tool. Battery-operated tools can often share batteries with tools of the same brand and voltage.

Bolt Cutters

Shear through bolts, rebar, shipping container seals, and threaded rod using these lightweight, portable bolt cutters. They have a single trigger control to ease operation. The blades automatically retract after the cut is complete to reduce operator fatigue, and a rotating head lets the tool maneuver more easily in tight or recessed spaces.

Cable Cutters

Use cable cutters to cut tensioning (guy) wire, electrical terminations, and copper or aluminum cable.

Greenlee — 12V

Greenlee — 14.4V

Greenlee — 18V

Milwaukee — 12V

Cable Tray Cutters

Cut steel and stainless steel wire cable trays to size or cut small-diameter bolts and threaded rod using these cable tray cutters. These compact tools have a rotating head that lets the tool maneuver more easily in tight or recessed spaces.