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Corded Circular Saws

Corded Circular Saws

The most popular type of circular saw, these corded saws plug into an AC power source to provide consistent power output in demanding applications requiring long, continuous run times.

For Wood

Often used in woodworking and construction applications, these saws make rip cuts, cross cuts, and beveled cuts in wood.

DeWalt (120V AC)

Direct Drive — Blade on Right Side

Skilsaw (120V AC)

Direct Drive — Blade on Right Side

Worm Drive — Blade on Left Side

For Metal

Choose these saws for cutting through metal. They have a shroud that covers the entire upper portion of the blade to help reduce airborne debris.

Circular Saws — Blade on Right Side

Cutoff Saws

Miniature Multipurpose

These handheld saws are small enough to make detailed, precise cuts but powerful enough to cut through tough materials such as wood, metal, plastic, masonry, and tile. They can be operated with one hand, and the blade is on the left side of the tool, making it easier to follow a cut line. For best results, use these tools with the appropriate blade for your application.