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Corded Screwdrivers

Corded Screwdrivers

Plug in these corded screwdrivers for consistent power output in high-volume applications that require long or continuous run times. Corded power tools eliminate the need for battery charging, but they require access to an AC power source.

General Purpose Screwdrivers

Suitable for a wide variety of fastening applications, including framing, sheet metal work, deck assembly, and installing drywall, these general purpose screwdrivers have a variable-speed trigger that helps increase accuracy and makes starting the screw easier.




Depth-Control Screwdrivers

Set the nosepiece on these screwdrivers to the desired depth for consistent results when driving fasteners. These screwdrivers are used for construction applications such as framing, drywall installation, and deck assembly. The variable speed trigger helps increase accuracy and make starting the screw easier.




Auto-Feed Screwdrivers

Quickly drive large quantities of screws in construction, framing, and drywall applications using these auto-feed screwdrivers. The screws are mounted on a plastic belt that is fed through the tool. After each screw is driven, the next screw automatically advances to the correct position for driving.


Extension Kit

Precise-Torque Screwdrivers

Apply a precise amount of torque to fasteners using these screwdrivers. They limit the amount of torque applied by the tool, making them ideal for pressure-sensitive fastening tasks such as driving small screws in plastic and metal workpieces.

Control Module Required

No Control Module Required

Control Modules for Precise-Torque Screwdrivers

These control modules connect to a compatible power screwdriver to control power, speed, and starting force.