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Cordless Crimpers

Cordless Crimpers

Portable, compact cordless crimpers are suitable for crimping connections on wire and cable in a variety of applications, including electrical and automotive. Unlike manual and hydraulic crimpers, the pressure applied by these battery-powered crimpers is determined by the tool rather than the operator, providing consistent, repeatable results.

Dies Required

These tools form connections using interchangeable metal dies that are specific to the type and size of the connection and operation being performed. Instead of purchasing a crimping tool for each type of connection you wish to make, just change the die in these crimpers to adapt the tool for the task at hand, saving room in your toolbox.

6 ton Crimping Force

12 ton Crimping Force


The integrated indenters in these tools can crimp a variety of connections and sizes so there's no need to worry about having the correct die on hand.

6 ton Crimping Force