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Cordless Oscillating Tools

Cordless Oscillating Tools

Battery-powered cordless oscillating tools cut, grind, scrape, and sand in a variety of materials. These tools don't require access to a power source, and they don't have a power cord to tangle or limit mobility. Battery chemistry, voltage (power), capacity (amp hours), and recharge time impact the run time and down time for the tool. Battery-operated tools can often share batteries with tools of the same brand and voltage.

General Purpose

Typically lighter than similar tools with larger batteries, general purpose cordless oscillating tools have low-voltage batteries (18V and under) and are powerful enough for most everyday cutting, scraping, grinding, and sanding tasks.

Variable Speed

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty cordless oscillating tools have powerful batteries rated at 20V and above, making them a good choice for demanding applications. Generally, batteries with a higher voltage and amp rating have a longer run time for demanding tasks than those with lower voltage and amp ratings.

Variable Speed

High Performance

These cordless oscillating tools feature high-performance brushless motors, which do not lose energy through friction and heat and are generally more efficient and durable than standard motors. These professional-grade tools are suitable for heavy, frequent use in the most demanding tasks.

Variable Speed