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Drill Presses

Drill Presses

Commonly known as pedestal or pillar drills, drill presses improve accuracy, precision, and consistency when drilling holes in wood and metal. The drill head is mounted on a column for stability, an integrated table or platform holds the workpiece during drilling, and the spindle speed can be adjusted to suit the workpiece material. Available in benchtop or floor-standing styles, smaller drill presses typically have higher rotational speeds. For best results, drill wood workpieces at higher speeds and metal workpieces at slower speeds.

General Purpose

The stepped-pulley drive belt on these general purpose drill presses lets the operator adjust the spindle speed to suit different applications. These drill presses are a good choice for light to medium duty drilling of wood, metal, and plastic in maintenance, woodworking, and light industrial applications. The height and angle of the attached table can be adjusted to position the workpiece.

Bench Press

Floor Press

Heavy Duty

Accurately drill stock with these drill presses. They have heavy duty bases, heads, and columns that limit vibration to help ensure smooth spindle movement and increase drilling precision.

Bench Press

Floor Press


Featuring durable construction and variable-speed controls, these production-level drill presses provide fast, accurate drilling in repetitive, high-volume tasks.

Gamut Approved — Floor Press

Dake — Floor Press

Jet — Floor Press

Miniature Precision

Drill small, accurate holes using these precision miniature drill presses. These tabletop tools have a threaded column that provides precise control over the head height. The fast-feed handle improves drilling speed, and the finger wheel lets the user fine tune the feed rate. These presses can be used with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

Gamut Approved — Bench Press