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Heat Gun Nozzles

Heat Gun Nozzles

Nozzle attachments for corded and propane heat guns let you control the shape and direction of the heat. They are available in a range of styles for different tasks, from small pinpoint nozzles for detailed work to specialized nozzles for removing coatings, heat shrinking, soldering, and welding.

For Pinpoint Heating

These heat gun nozzles, sometimes called reduction or diffuser nozzles, are suitable for pinpoint heating applications, including welding, soldering, bending, defrosting, and vinyl and leather repair. These nozzles are designed to focus and concentrate the heat on the work area.

Concentrator Nozzle

For Coating Application & Removal

Strip and scrape paint, varnish, and other coatings using these heat gun spreaders and deflectors.

Spreader Nozzle

For Heat Shrinking

Often referred to as hook or reflector nozzles, these nozzles are primarily used for heat-shrinking applications. They reflect heat around a small area such as a wire or small tube and are used for heat-shrinking tubing, defrosting pipes, and other applications that require concentrated heat flow.

Reflector Nozzle

For Welding & Soldering

These nozzles concentrate heat to weld and solder thermoplastics.

Welder Nozzle

Nozzle Assortments

Extend the functionality of corded and propane heat guns and blowers with these sets of heat gun tips and nozzles.