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Hole Saw Accessories

Hole Saw Accessories

Replace worn or damaged parts or expand your tool's capabilities with these arbors, pilot bits, extensions, hole saw shields, ejection springs, and more.


Sometimes called mandrels, arbors attach a hole saw to a drill chuck. Arbors can also hold a pilot bit that helps center and stabilize the hole saw when starting the cut.

For Hole Saws without Arbor

14 in Round Shank

38 in Hex Shank

716 in Hex Shank

For Bimetal Hole Saws

14 in Hex Shank

38 in Hex Shank

716 in Hex Shank

Pilot Bits

Use pilot bits to center and stabilize a hole saw when starting a cut. Pilot bits prevent the hole saw from walking, or moving, as the tool enters the workpiece.

High Speed Steel

Tungsten Carbide


Threaded adapters expand the versatility of your hole saw.

Nut Adapter

Angle Grinder Adapter


Lengthen your tool's reach when working in recessed spaces with these extensions, which attach between the drill chuck and the arbor of the hole saw.

For 3/8 in Hex Shank Arbors

For 7/16 in Hex Shank Arbors

Ejection Springs

Rather than manually clearing the plug from the hole saw, use these ejection springs to automatically eject the plug after cutting. The springs are installed over the pilot bit and are compressed as the cut is being made. When the hole is complete, the spring expands and pushes the plug out of the hole saw.