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Individual Hole Saws

Individual Hole Saws

Choose from an array of individual hole saws to fit your application and workpiece material, as well as the desired diameter and depth of cut. Hole saws are hollow cylindrical cutting tools that cut large holes in a range of materials more efficiently than standard twist or spade-style drill bits. They are mounted in the drill using an arbor and are available with and without an integrated arbor. If the saw does not have an integrated arbor, one must be purchased separately for the saw to be mounted in the drill. Hole saws typically include a pilot bit to help position and stabilize the tool during cutting.


These multipurpose hole saws have bi-metal blades that are capable of cutting a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, composites, wood, and wood that is embedded with nails.

With Built-In Arbor — 716 in Hex Shank

Gamut Approved

Hole Saw Only

Gamut Approved


For Abrasive Materials

Cut holes in hard, abrasive materials such as tile, stone, glass, brick, and concrete with these hole saws.

Hole Saw Only

Gamut Approved — Carbide Grit

Milwaukee — Carbide-Tipped

Milwaukee — Diamond Grit

With Built-In Arbor — 14 in Hex Shank

MK Morse — Diamond Grit

Milwaukee — Diamond Grit

For Wood

These hole saws are suitable for cutting wood and plastic.

Milwaukee — Hole Saw Only

For Drywall & Plaster

Create holes for recessed lights and other fixtures using these hole saws, which are designed for cutting drywall, plaster, acoustical tile, wood, and stucco with mesh. These hole saws have a continuous rim and are less likely to tear the workpiece than cutters with individual cutting teeth.

Milwaukee — (Open Back) Hole Saw Only

For Impact Drivers

Use these hole saws with an impact driver to cut metal quickly at high rotational speeds. Their thin-walled construction and special tooth geometry provides efficient cutting, and a raised shoulder prevents the saw from pushing through the material when the cut is complete. A built-in ejection spring pushes the plug out of the saw after cutting.

Built-In DeWalt — 14 in Shank, Hex

Built-In Milwaukee — 14 in Shank, Hex