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Planers, Joiners, & Jointers

Planers, Joiners, & Jointers

Flatten, dimension, and join wooden workpieces using these planers and joiners.

Handheld Planers & Joiners

Flatten surfaces and create strong joints with these portable handheld planers and joiners. Handheld planers, which flatten wood stock by shaving thin layers of material from its surface, can be taken to a job site when the workpiece is too large or cumbersome to bring to a benchtop or stationary tool. Handheld joiners, sometimes called biscuit joiners, cut grooves into the edge of a workpiece so that a biscuit (or small piece of compressed wood) can be inserted into the groove in order to strengthen a glued joint. The biscuit expands to fill the joint when glue is applied, making a stronger joint than can be achieved with edge gluing only.






Benchtop Planers

These benchtop planers provide more stability than handheld styles for creating flat and square surfaces. They are portable enough to be taken to a job site, but they must be placed on a stable base such as a table or workbench during use. These models can also be mounted on a rolling base for quick storage when not in use, helping to optimize floor space in small shops.

Stationary Planer & Jointer Combo Tools

Combination planer and jointer tools are built for heavy jobs and continuous use. Floor-standing stationary tools perform both planing and jointing operations. They are typically larger and have a higher capacity than benchtop models.

Blades, Biscuits, & Guides

Keep your joiners and combination planer-jointers performing their best with replacement cutting blades and beechwood biscuits. Planer blades replace worn or chipped blades to keep your tool in good working order and reduce downtime when the unexpected happens. Joiner biscuits swell to completely fill the biscuit joint when glue is applied, creating a stronger, more durable joint than dowels. Planer guides help ensure straight, accurate, and consistent planing throughout the operation.

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