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Powder Actuated Nail Guns

Powder Actuated Nail Guns

Fasten wood and metal framing to concrete, steel, or other hard backing materials using these powder-actuated nail guns. Similar to how a gun fires a bullet, these nail guns use a controlled explosion to drive specialized fasteners called pins. Since incorrect use of powder-actuated tools can result in serious injury or death, OSHA requires tool-specific training for all employees who use powder- or explosive-actuated tools.

Nail Guns

These nail guns use powder loads to drive pins in high-power fastening jobs.

Single Shot — 0.22 Caliber

Semi-Automatic — 0.27 Caliber

Powder Loads

Insert these powder loads into powder-actuated nail guns to propel fasteners using a controlled explosion. They are color-coded and numbered to indicate the power level of the load.

10-Shot Strip — 0.27 Caliber


Sometimes called pins, use these fasteners in your powder-actuated nail guns.

Standard — For Fastening on Concrete & Steel

With Washer — For Fastening on Concrete & Steel