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Rotating Drum Mixers

Rotating Drum Mixers

Set up one of these rotating drum mixers at your worksite to mix and pour batches of materials such as concrete, mortar, grout, soil, fertilizer, and food. Plug the mixer into an outlet or a generator, and a motorized rotating drum with one or more internal mixing blades revolves to thoroughly mix the material. The drum or stand tilts to allow the contents to be tipped out.

General Purpose

Mix a variety of substances such as concrete, mortar, soil, and fertilizer with these rotating drum mixers. Styles with removable or telescoping handles allow for compact storage, and wheel-mounted mixers can be moved as needed. Swiveling units can turn up to 360° to allow the contents to be poured in any direction.

Corded — 115V AC

Corded — 120V AC


For Food

Choose one of these food-grade rotating drum mixers for mixing food items such as granola, flours, spices, coffee, or tea. These wheel-mounted mixers can be moved to different locations, and the handles can be removed for compact storage. The drum swivels up to 360° to allow the contents to be poured in any direction, and a lid is included to hold items inside the drum during mixing and help reduce contamination of contents.

Corded — 120V AC