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ACME Lead Screws

ACME Lead Screws

Sometimes called power screws, turn these ACME screws to create linear motion and transmit power to lift or move a load. The ACME thread pattern sheds dirt and debris and is well suited for use in dirty environments. Self-locking ACME screws do not require a braking mechanism to hold the screw in place when stopped, making them ideal for applications where backlash is a concern. They are self-lubricating and produce less vibration and noise than ball screws. Recommended for applications with moderate speeds and heavy loads, such as screw jacks, presses, linear actuators, and vises.

ACME Screws

Use these ACME screws with ACME screw nuts that have the ACME size to transmit power and motion.


12 in Screw Dia.

58 in Screw Dia.

34 in Screw Dia.

1 in Screw Dia.

1 12 in Screw Dia.

2 in Screw Dia.

ACME Screw Nuts

Install one of these nuts on a compatible ACME screw with the same ACME size to transmit force as the screw is turned.


For 12 in Screw Dia.

For 58 in Screw Dia.

For 34 in Screw Dia.

For 1 in Screw Dia.

For 1 12 in Screw Dia.

For 2 in Screw Dia.


For 58 in Screw Dia.

For 1 in Screw Dia.

ACME Screw Flanges

Mount these flanges behind an ACME nut to support objects as they travel along the screw.