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Air Line Lockout Valves

Air Line Lockout Valves

Lockout valves keep individual control lines free of air for increased safety during maintenance and service procedures.

Heavy Duty

Exhaust all downstream air in your system with these valves. Their heavy duty construction holds up in industrial applications.

3-Way Flow

Zinc Body

Flexible Direct Mount

Prevent damage to work and equipment in the case of a loss of pressure. These valves cut off supply and exhaust air to lock it out of the system.


Nickel Plated Brass — NBR Seal

NPT x Tube

Nickel Plated Brass — NBR Seal

Modular for Filter, Regulator, & Lubricator Units

Prevent accidental machine start up by adding this lockable tab switch valve to your system. Moving the tab to the lockout position stops inlet air from entering the system and exhausts the downstream air into the environment.

3-Way Flow

3-Way Flow — Aluminum Body

Modular/NPT Connection